MANHATTAN PLACEMENTS is a successful recruitment firm established in 1988 to meet the  increasing demands of Independent Schools (our clients are predominantly in New York City but also Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey) seeking administrators and teachers who are skilled, experienced and caring.  What distinguishes us from other placement companies is that we treat our candidates as individuals; we are personable and they are able to consult with us.  Candidates are not simply files sent to schools. Schools know that they can question us about them and this facilitates the selection process.


bioClaude Kunstenaar and Sylvie Falzon-Kunstenaar are both independent school graduates (The Loyola School and the United Nations International School, respectively).  Although they came as toddlers and were brought up in New York City, their backgrounds are international.  Claude was born in Switzerland and Sylvie in France; he is trilingual (Spanish, French and English) and Sylvie is bilingual (French and English) but she has learned Spanish since being married (1993).  The couple resides in an Upper East Side cooperative apartment where they share their home with their daughter (Adriana) and their son (Rick).  Both are alumni from The Birch Wathen Lenox School; Adriana is a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College and will begin her graduate studies at Bank Street College; Rick is in his third year of college and will graduate from Hunter College next year.  Sylvie works at The Birch Wathen Lenox School as well; she is the Chair of the World Language Department, Co-Chair of the Music Department and teaches French, Spanish, Chinese and music.

 Terms of Payment

The placement fee, which is the school’s responsibility, is 9% of an instructor’s/administrator’s first year’s full-time annual salary.  In addition, a PRO-RATED refund is offered if any employee stays under one academic year; to our knowledge, we are the only company in independent school recruiting that does this.  Substitutes are billed at $35 per day, per teacher.